1. BtVS + life lessons

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  2. BtVS & AtS + life lessons, part 2 [part 1]

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  3. Angel + Barry Manilow

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  8. The moon to the tide
    I can feel you inside
    I’m under your spell
    Surging like the sea
    Drawn to you so helplessly

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  9. Willow & Tara - Season 5

    "I think about what you grew up with, and then I look at what you are…it makes me proud. It makes me love you more." “Every time I…even when I’m at my worst, you always make me feel special. How do you do that?” “Magic.”

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  10. 9/ Fashionable Outfits: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    ♥ Willow Rosenberg - The Wish & Doppelgangland 

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    if you don’t have time for buffy then i don’t have time for you

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  12. btvs appreciation week • day five - favourite villain(s): mayor wilkins & glory

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    I’ll be careful. I’ll even be dull, boring. Cross my heart.

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  14. holdasmile:

    It is always different! It’s always complicated, and at some point someone has to draw the line, and that is always going to be me. You get down on me for cutting myself off, but in the end the slayer is always cut off. There’s no mystical guidebook, no all-knowing council, human rules don’t apply. There’s only me. I am the law. 

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